Why Us

Welcome to Safe Security Services, founded in 2004. A company that is passionate about safes and the safe industry. In our inception primarily working with National Retailers, businesses, and government bodies.


Companies We Work With


Prison nat trust barclaycard barnados police
border uni hm clintons vision

This is just a small selection of many long term clients (some 10 years plus) who we currently work with.


Although safes may not necessary be an aspirational purchase, they are key in protecting some of our most treasured items. Most people purchase because they:-

  • a) Want to protect valuables and heirlooms from risk of theft and/or fire damage.
  • b) Are governed by their insurance provider (unfortunately many insurers provide little support on product selection and supplied safe lists are often out of date).

This is where we can help – we offer free advice, are much cheaper than the insurers’ recommended (cartel) suppliers and we sell market leading brands such as ChubbSafes.

March 2020 we launched our new company website offering our products and services online to all. You can find out more about what we do by watching our light-hearted animated videos, which gives a fun but informative insight into our business.

We are different to many online safe resellers who simply sell the product, but never actually see the items sold. Therefore their knowledge on the workings of safes can be limited. This lack of understanding of safes is demonstrated by the way some competitors cheaply market heavy expensive safes, potentially putting customers at risk. They use marketing gimmicks offering “free” delivery for the heavier safes, being a basic pallet drop off to kerbside – it’s then your responsibility to move the safe from kerbside into the property.

They expect your upgrade and pay extra. Misleading at best, delivery is not in fact “free” and represents risk to the customer. Heavy weight products require professional knowledge and expertise to move safely within a property.


For the larger items we sell, we offer a free specialist Premium Delivery as standard, managed in-house.



Safes are complex products – to help make the selection simpler, we devised our Ratings indicator.

Shield Ratings

All our safes are rated for security and fire protection with an easy to understand rating.


For further advice, refer to our Support Hub or contact us, we’re here to help.