Position Installation Checklist

Key pointers for our specialist inhouse delivery services

We hope this will act as useful prompt should customers need to notify us of any particular requirements or restrictions that may apply. Information can be provided/discussed pre-order or at order confirmation stage with a view to minimising potential delay/complications:-


  1. Please check the proposed safe will fit through doorways, corridors/hallways etc on route.
  2. If delivery is via a Lift check the lift is suitable for the safe weight /size.

Site conditions

  1. Any parking or vehicle restrictions ?
  2. Stair-work - are there more than 2 threshold steps? If yes please confirm the number of steps and where (i.e. steps into the building and/or internally).

We require photos when delivering safes measuring, 2 foot plus and in excess of 250 kg.
Photo of each flight, either from the top looking down or from the bottom looking up. If any of the flights have turns or landings to negotiate additional images of these would also be required (maximum image upload 3 Mb). Please send images and all relevant site condition details to sales@safesecurityservices.co.uk