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Reviews/Benchmarking our Customer Service

Since February 2021 customers we've carried out an in-house delivery service or a safe repair are emailed our Review Form, completed reviews are displayed here.

For a further insight on our service performance, we also asked two long term customers for references.

Vision Express
Chris (Head of Loss Prevention & Security) Retail Estate: 570 + Stores

I have worked with Chris & Craig for over 10 years. They supply & service our safes nationwide & I have always found them to be professional & courteous. When a fault occurs or we require a new safe, I can rely on them to carry out the works quickly & efficiently.

In 2018 we acquired an additional 210 stores (company acquisition). New safes were required & were delivered to the store on a pre-agreed weekly rollout within a strict timescasle. As expected, the safe were delivered on time with minimal disruption.

gails bread
Brett (Head of Property) Retail Estate: 50 + Stores

I have worked with Craig & Chris for just over 15 years. I am very happy with their service which is why I regularly recommend them as the 'safe' supplier for the retail estates I have been responsible for as well as when asked by others. Currently they have assisted in upgrading the safes within the company estate and new sites.

Fake Reviews...

Whilst a useful reference, concerns have surfaced on over reliance following a number of expose’s on fake reviews.

Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online

Amazon 'flooded by fake five-star reviews' - Which? Report

“Some US analysts estimate as many as half of the reviews for certain products posted on international websites such as Amazon are potentially unreliable”

Likewise safe reviews can be misleading, i.e. there are 100+ 5 star reviews on competitor sites for security safes that aren't independently tested and that we know can be forced opened very easily ☹ ☹

Whats Important...

Our Safes are Independently Reviewed and Tested by Safe Experts

Our only concern is that customers can rely on our products, not whether the safe is available in multiple colours or has a shiny LCD lock.

A safe's reliability, strength and quality is only validated when attacked, physically, or by fire.

The good news is all our graded safes undergo stringent tests for theft and fire resistance by independent testing laboratories. We only sell approved products by manufacturers complying with industry testing standards. For extra peace of mind, most of our security safes are also Police Preferred under their Secured by Design scheme.

Learn More...

Our animated videos give a fun, but informative insight into ‘Safe Testing’ and our ‘Approved Safe Brands’


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