Testing A Safe

All our tested products are independently certified by approved testing laboratories for security or fire protection, complying with the latest industry standards. There are a number of certification levels applicable and upon passing, products are awarded the relevant security grade or fire rating.

Choosing a safe with a test certificate from a recognised testing authority ensures you’re getting the best protection available.

Testing levels

Security Ratings (European grading)
There are two anti-burglar test standards in use in Europe.
EN 14450 (for lighter security safes and security cabinets) and EN 1143-1 (for high security safes).
Insurers should provide the monetary cover equal to the grade rating.

Standard - EN14450

  • S1 = £2k
  • S2 = £4k

Standard - EN 1143-1

  • Grade 0 = £6k
  • Grade 1 = £10k
  • Grade 2 = £17.5k
  • Grade 3 = £35k
  • Grade 4 = £60k
  • Grade 5 = £100k
  • Grade £6 = 150k

Fire Ratings
Tested to protect specific material for allocated time periods of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

Document rated - protects paper records.
Data media rated - protects paper records and data media such as CD / DVD’s, USB Sticks etc.
Diskette media rated - protects paper records, digital media as well as delicate magnetic material.

View our ‘safe testing’ animated video, which gives a fun but informative insight on our approved products and how they are tested.