Burglary Testing

Safes are tested for anti-burglary protection at selected cash ratings and when passed, awarded the relevant grade/rating.

During the certification process door panels, bolt work, locks and handles are attacked using a selection of tools. The tools and the time each tool is used to attack the safe varies according to the certification grade.

Choosing a safe with a test certificate from a recognised testing authority ensures you’re getting the best security protection available.

Grade Ratings

Standard - EN14450

  • S1 = £2k
  • S2 = £4k

Standard - EN 1143-1

  • Grade 0 = £6k
  • Grade 1 = £10k
  • Grade 2 = £17.5k
  • Grade 3 = £35k
  • Grade 4 = £60k
  • Grade 5 = £100k
  • Grade £6 = 150k

View our ‘safe testing’ animated video, which gives a fun but informative insight on our approved products and how they are tested.