Second Hand Safes

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Our safe technicians recondition safes to meet set British Standard BS 7582 (as good as new) with a 1 year warranty. 

  • Safes are stripped back before being primed then repainted.
  • Locks are reconditioned or a new replacement lock is fitted if required be it key locking, combination or digital.
  • Internal workings of the safe door are checked and serviced, including any anti-explosive devices (protect the safe if it comes under attack).
  • The hinges and bolt-work are lubricated in order to prolong and ease operational use.
  • With our high standards of reconditioning the safe will look “As New”

A reconditioned safe can offer the perfect balance between quality and value. With stock in excess of 200 second hand safes including Chubb, SMP and Dudley models, we should have a model for you.

Second Hand Safes


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