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What do the terms 'cash rating/insurance cover’ and fire rating’ mean?

Insurance cover signifies the safe’s security protection level and the maximum amount of money that an insurer would cover in the event of theft. This is often referred to as a safe’s cash rating. The fire time/rating is the minimum protection (time) a safe will protect it’s contents without incurring damage in the event of a fire. Safes with a stipulated fire time, will have been subjected to fire tests carried out by independently approved testing authorities.

Ratings (both cash and fire) are initially given by the safe manufacturer and should always be confirmed by your insurer.

How do I work out how much I can store in valuables in the safe?

As a guide insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating for valuables, for example, a 2k cash rating will give up to 20k cover for valuables.

Does the size of the safe make any difference to the cash rating?

No - size doesn't matter

Are electronic locks reliable and what happens if the batteries run down ?

Yes. The electronic locks we sell are as reliable as the keylock versions. In fact electronic locks offer many advantages over the keylock, a) not having to worry where to hide the keys and b) high specification electronic locks offer various features including time delay, multiple user codes and audit trail facilities. All our electronic safe locks offer a warning long before the batteries run out of power. If the warning is ignored, don’t worry the combination will be saved. You should refer to the manufacturers instructions on how next to proceed, but rest assured you will be able to gain access to the safe.

Can all safes be bolted down?

All security safes we sell have pre- drilled holes in either the base or rear of the safe (insurers as a rule stipulate that these safes are bolted down). Historically fire rated safes didn’t have pre-drilled fixing points as this could affect fire protection capabilities. However with advances in manufacturing processes, many modern fire tested safes are now specifically designed with fixing points, providing the benefits of fire protection with added security.

Will my insurance company recognise your safes?

All reputable insurers are familiar with our portfolio of safes. We are very selective on the brands we promote. For further information on our ‘Approved Brands’ click here

Are all your safes covered by a warranty?

All items promoted come with a mimimum 1 year manufacturer guarantee, providing a full and comprehensive warranty against any manufacturing fault.

Can I purchase extra keys?

Purchasing additional keys at time of order is the most cost effective way. Prices are displayed under product accessories. In addition we provide an ongoing nationwide after care service which includes safe repairs, safe key cutting etc. For further information on our aftercare services click here, or why not view our Service/Repairs short animation (approx 40 seconds)


Can you uplift and relocate or dispose of my current safe?

Yes. We have Nationwide safe installers who uplift and relocate for many national clients and home-owners.
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Delivery & Installation

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How can I purchase?

You can purchase via any of the following methods
a) Online, b) Via telephone, c) Proforma Invoice, d) Cheque

Please note payment is required prior to the despatch of goods, unless you are:-
1. A repeat customer with a Credit Account (invoiced on 30 days terms)
2. Government/local government body or charity for which we would accept an official Purchase Order

Is it safe to place my order through your website?

Yes. Security is our business. We take ours and your security very seriously. Our website is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted, so any details we have (name and address etc) are protected. We don't store your card details at all, in fact we don't even see them. Every online transaction is processed via our selected payment gateway partners including SagePay and PayPal (utilising their unrivalled security encryption services).

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Do you offer discount codes?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount code to the first 25 requests we receive each calendar month. To qualify for a chance please complete the form below. Don’t worry if you miss out we also offer this promotional 5% discount code via our Facebook page and if you would like to receive it, just like us on Facebook.