Safe Brands

We’re extremely choosy about the brands we sell.

We’ve carefully selected ranges from pre-vetted manufacturers, specialists offering both tested security and fire-resistant products.

These Brands include market leaders such as Chubb Safes, Burton Safes, DeRaat Safes as well as some SecuriKey Safes. We have rejected numerous safe ranges and manufacturers, as we are conscious that the products we sell need to offer the best protection within it's class, be it security or fire protection. Customers can be reassured that the safes or cabinets we sell can be relied on. Therefore we don't and won't advertise all safe manufacturers and safe ranges like many of our competitors, regardless of the incentives offfered. In Safe Security Services your in Safe Hands.

View our short-animated video, which gives an informative insight on how we selected our approved products, guaranteeing best protection for your valuables.