Safe Installation - advice

In order to meet insurance regulations a safe weighing less than 1000 kg must be anchored. Most insurers will require fixing to a suitable brick / concrete wall or floor using a masonry fixing. Fixing to wooden flooring is not uncommon but you may need to discuss this with your insurers to make sure you meet there requirements.

Helpful tips on self Installation

  1. Place the safe in the position you have selected. Before marking or drilling any holes ensure that there are no pipes or cables present at the fixing point. If there is skirting board present this should be removed to allow the safe to be fitted flush against the wall.
  2. Open the safe and remove any shelves.
  3. install guideUsing a pencil or sharp object, mark out the position of the two drilling holes; use the base or rear holes (whichever provide fixing to the stronger material)
  4. If you are base fixing in a carpeted area cut away small square or squares in the area where the fixing hole/s are to be drilled. This should stop you from pulling threads in the carpet.
  5. Close the safe and remove it to provide sufficient space to drill the fixing holes.
  6. Using a hammer drill – drill holes to the depth required as per your specific safe fixing instructions. A general rule of thumb when using concrete / masonry fixings is to use a drill 1mm larger than the fixing itself.
  7. Clear the drill holes and remove any debris using a vacuum cleaner.
  8. Secure the safe using the fixing bolts supplied. Do this by feeding the bolt directly through the hole in the safe into the hole in the anchoring material. Use the appropriate tool, normally a socket wrench or large gauged screw driver to fully tighten the bolts in place

Alternatively you can have the safe professionally installed by Us.

  1. Delivery and installation will be booked in advance giving you a day and a time slot.
  2. When the crew arrive with your safe they will carry out remedial checks on your chosen safe location and advise on any potential installation problems and look for suitable alternative areas if appropriate.
  3. The installation crew carry a variety of high quality fixings to ensure we always get the best fixing of your safe.