Underfloor / Wall Safes

Underfloor Safes and Wall Safes have many great qualities; they can be easily concealed and have only one point of entry via the door, which means they can offer a high level of security against physical attack. Also by being installed within a wall or floor they cannot be uplifted and taken away without digging up the floor or knocking through a wall.

Within this category there is also a range of Underfloor Deposit Safes. They offer the same level of protection as the standard underfloor safes but have an external deposit facility which allows you to make deposits into the safe without opening the door to the safe.

However, the installation of these safes is labour intensive. If required we can offer an installation service for our range or underfloor safes. Unfortunately we are unable to fit wall safes

Products are tested and rated according to a given Cash Rating – this indicates the most monetary value insurers suggest can be stored in that safe overnight.

Valuables As a guide, insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating for valuables. For instance, a 4k cash rating will give up to 40k for valuables (please confirm with Insurer).

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