Security Safes

Free Standing Safes, Underfloor and Wall Safes have as their primary purpose, the protection of money and valuables (e.g. jewellery) against burglary.

The level of protection offered will depend upon the design of the safe:

  1. Construction, such as the thickness of the door and body.
  2. Complexity of the locking mechanism.
  3. Weight i.e. resistance to being uplifted.

All the aforementioned design features help determine the cash rating afforded to the safe or cabinet.

Cash Rating refers to the amount of cash that can be held in the safe or cabinet overnight. It is the manufacturers view on what cover insurance providers are likely to give.  For valuables cover insurers typically give up to 10 times the cash rating. For example a £2K cash rating would be equivalent to £20,000 valuables cover. (Always confirm with your insurance provider).

Free Standing Safes will offer some protection against fire many will actually carry a fire standard - indicates the time period in minutes the product has been tested to. Tests are carried out within a controlled environment, for the stated time periods.

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