It is important that you make the correct decision, when purchasing safes you need to make sure the safe you have selected is suitable for your current requirements, but as important, for your future needs. It is not un-common, for many, within the first years of purchase, having to change the safe, as they have not fully taking into account all there security requirements at time of purchase. However with the right safe there is no reason, why you shouldn’t enjoy the security and protection benefits for a ‘lifetime’.

In principal the choice on protection is simple, there are or were two distinct categories of safes available; safes designed to protect against burglary, known as security safes or cash safes, the alternative being fire safes (two types of fire safe), safes to protect your belongings against fire damage.  However in the last few years, the manufacturing and design of safes has changed dramatically, many safe manufacturers can now produce safes which offer both security and fire protection.

We believe if you take into account the below advice, when selecting your safe, you will be significantly reducing the need to change the safe in the immediate future we believe safes should last you a ‘lifetime’.

First Decision – Choosing the right protection for you.
Either cash protection or fire security, for the majority of people, we now recommend safes which offer both types of security, like our cash and fire safes. This is only a suggestion you yourself will know what are your key needs and concerns. Please note most fire safes are constructed to protect documents (paper records), there are available more specialist fire safes that protect your media and data materials, refer to our media safes or and full protection data safes.
Size – Measure your existing belongings, you wish to deposit in the safe, this will provide you with the minimum space you currently require, then take into account the likely hood of future purchases, family heirlooms you may inherit, simply put we would recommend buying at least the next size up, to your current requirements.

Locking – Key lock or electronic lock safes, there is no difference on the security protection offered by a key or digital lock, it is simply a choice on your preferred locking method, with key lock safes, you have the worry of where to store hide the safe keys, with digital lock you have to remember your pin code.

Quality – Often overlooked, we recommend only branded safe manufactures, like Burton safes, Chubbsafes, Phoenix safes, Secureline safes, Sentry safes etc. We have worked with these suppliers for many years and can vouch for the quality of products.

Price – Price is a benchmark on the quality of the safe, simply put you get what you pay for (that is why we don’t offer certain safe ranges, as we feel there safes are inferior). However we all know price is a key factor, no one wants to spend more than they have to, this is why we offer our Price Promise and regularly check our competitors.

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