Safes around the World

People around the world all share the same concerns about protecting and safeguarding their valuables and keepsakes. What is interesting is how people in different countries / geographical regions evaluate the potential risks and prioritise what to defend against.

For example most people in America, Asia and the majority of the Scandinavian countries in Europe when determining what safes they need, highlight protection against fire, then flood damage, security protection for safes against physical attack is a very low requirement. America for example doesn’t grade safes on security by cash ratings like the UK and European counterparts.

However one global trend is the ever increasing demand for domestic safes. At first appearance it is somewhat surprising the number of safes sold take for example Japan. Though well aware there was a number of Asian safe manufacturers we were surprised too see how popular safes are in Japan, it appears security safes are a popular household item, to date Japanese citizens have handed in up to £50m found washed up by tsunami. Thousands of safes were washed up in the Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima regions in the five months since the disasters struck, a national police report said and that many good Samaritans have handed in millions of pounds found in these safes and wallets amid the devastation. Police used other documents found in the wallets and safes to trace the owners, and 96 percent of the recovered money has now been returned.

“The fact that these safes were washed away meant the homes were washed away too,” Koetsu Saiki of the Miyagi police was quoted as saying by ABC News. “We had to first determine if the owners were alive, then find where they had evacuated to.” He said the soiled banknotes were not the only items found in the safes: police were also striving to return gold bars, antiques and other treasured keepsakes to the families.

It is refreshing to see in adversity how people can pull together, however we would never suggest leaving the front door open.

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