Gun Safes

At Safe Security Services Ltd we promote the two UK leading gun cabinet and gun safes ranges by Brattonsound engineering and JFC these manufacturers manufacturer gun safes which surpass the required British standards. Safe security have been selling gun cabinets for a number of years, from shotgun cabinets to rifle safes for secure storage of scoped rifles and extra tall rifle gun cabinets for storing muzzle loaders. The range of gun cabinets for sale include small cabinets for gun cases up to vault gun safes for secure storage of up to 9 rifles or shotguns. Popular brattonsound products are the ST3 gun cabinets and the RL7 + brattonsound gunsafes. Brattonsound cabinets being the full range of Sentinel, Sentinel Plus and Auto Sentinel are sold with a full 3 Year Warranty. The gun storage cabinets internally are fitted with foam dividers to enable you to gun rack the gun cabinets as you like, fitting the shotguns or rifles in your preferred location. The gun cupboards are competitively priced and in price only are cheap gun cabinets though the build quality is of the highest standard for shotgun safes and rifle safes. JFC cabinets are all available from stock, quick delivery within 3 working days, from order, when buying a JFC gun safe you benefit with the peace of mind, knowing the full range of JFC gun cabinets come with 100% guaranteed police acceptance. Key features of the JFC build quality include 2mm steel construction, and anti – jemmy return on all gun cabinets. The gun safes benefit from a double skinned door and unique five point lock mechanism. Popular JFC gun cabinets are the JFC GB3 3 gun cabinet and the JFC GB5 5 gun cabinet cabinets are suitable for storing 3 shotgun / rifles and 5 shotgun / rifles respectivley.

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