Fire Safes

What is a fire safe?
How does a fire safe work?
Safes that protects either your media (such as CD’s, DVD’s, data tapes) or important paper documents (like your will, passport) from fire damage.

Fire Safes work by keeping the temperature inside the safe below the level at which damage would be caused, thus protecting your documents or media materials.

So how does it do this? Well the very old fire safes were constructed following a similar design method too their modern counterpart. The safe maker would create a cavity between the outer walls of the safe and its inner walls. This cavity was then filled with material non-conductive to heat, traditionally materials like clay or porcelain would be used, and this would keep the material inside safer from fire damage, but also made the safes very heavy.

Modern fire safes use much the same theory only much lighter materials are used. These materials are also much better insulators of heat so the safes are much more efficient than before. The more modern materials are also designed to release moisture as they are heated this moisture aids with the cooling and also stops the inside of the safe becoming to dry.

Current fire safes are given a rating (much like cash ratings), or ‘fire time’, for how long they could cope in a fire before the documents or media is damaged. The testing houses test the safes in a furnace within allocation time periods, the most common fire times for testing safes are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes.

You can purchase fire safes (like most others) with a range of lock types, such as Electronic, Key-less Combination, Biometric and of course the most common locking system; Key Locking.

The most popular fire safes in the UK are Phoenix fire-proof safes, Sentry Fire Safes and Chubb Fire Safes they offer a wide range too fit most requirements, there best selling safes are:-

Chubb secureline safe model (SL03622) SL SDE-52K
Sentry safes model OA3817 fire safe document & media protection
Phoenix Alpha A160FK fire safe document and media material protection.

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