Burglaries up 14%

Domestic burglaries across England and Wales have risen by 14% according to the 2010/2011 British Crime Survey.

The survey of 45,000 households found that around one in forty households had been victims of burglary (including attempts) which was up from the previous year.

Some officials fear that this increase is due in part to the economic downturn; however, there is no concrete evidence to support this.

In London, crime figures released by the Metropolitan Police show domestic burglaries jumped by 18.5% and non-residential burglaries rose by nearly 9%, with a total of 8,250 burglary offences being reported.

London’s Metropolitan Police Commissioner has admitted he is ‘concerned’ over this increase in burglaries in the capital.

Although these new burglary figures might raise concerns, it would be premature to view them as evidence of a newly rising trend in domestic burglary. Crime statistics actually show that burglary has fallen by 57% between 1995 and 2010/2011.

In line with the increase in burglaries, safe retailers such as Safe Security Services Ltd have seen an increase in safe sales amongst those consumers concerned with security in the home.

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Fire safes with security features, such as the Alpha A160FK, are also becoming increasingly popular due to their dual protection against fire and the opportunist burglar.

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