Key Cabinets

Keyguards, Key Cabinets, High Security Key Cabinets and Extra Deep Key Cabinets have as their primary purpose the secure storage of keys.

We offer a wide range of key cabinets from small key boxes / keyguards suitable for your household keys to large commercial key cabinets ideal for banks, car showrooms etc.

  • Keyguards are designed for securely storing a bunch of keys such as car keys or household keys. All are suitable for wall mounting outside a property. They are widely used by the NHS and carers.
  • Key Cabinets offer our widest choice for key storage solutions. Cabinets are available in either key or electronic lock for storage between 20 to 600 keys. Most cabinets come with adjustable key hooks and coloured key tags, as well as removable control indexes to allow you to keep track of keys which are removed.
  • High Security Key Cabinets provide the highest level of security protection for keys. Cabinets in this range offer a level of protection similar to that of a safe with live locking bolts and high security locks. Ideal for banks, car showrooms, police stations, universities etc.
  • Extra Deep Key Cabinets are designed with extra depth for securely storing bunches of keys, large or bulky keys or padlocks with keys. Ideal for commercial sites such as garages or estate agents.