Fire Safes

Fire / Water Chests, Document Safes, Media Safes and Full Media Safes have as their primary purpose the protection of contents against fire.

Every fire safe and chest have an allocated time period in minutes to which they offer fire resistance. Products which provide water protection, for example against sprinkler or flood damage, also have this indicated.

All fire safes will offer some physical protection against burglary. However, some will actually carry a cash rating. This refers to the amount of cash that can be held in the safe overnight. It is the manufacturers view on what cover insurance providers are likely to give.

  • Fire / Water Chests have a range of chests which are small and portable allowing you to protect A5 to A4 papers from fire. Many offer protection from water and can also protect computer media, such as CD’s and DVD’s from fire.
  • Document Safes primarily protect important paperwork from fire. These safes are ideal for storing passports, birth and marriage certificates, legal documents such as deeds and contracts etc.
  • Media Safes provide fire resistance for paperwork and computer media including CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and USB drives.
  • Full Media Safes offer fire protection for paperwork and all media materials such as disks as well as tapes and photo negatives which corrupt at much lower temperatures. Data capacity charts can be found in all product specifications, they list the amounts of different types of data that can be stored in each safe.

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